Most wonderful time of the year

It’s that time of year again- back to school!  Normally I’d be hitting all the sales buying “teacher” things.  You know,

  • grading pens -never liked red so I used green, pink, purple, or orange
  •  golf pencils -for those kids who forgot their own
  • extra paper
  • new clothes- love Ann Taylor Loft and New York & company
  • random crap- I’m old school and like to have a paper copy of my plans and grades

I would also be planning and prepping for a new year with new kids.  Changing things that didn’t work last year, adding something different and “engaging” (big buzz word for Dville, idk about other districts).   I would be thinking about how I want to arrange my class, make changes to my routines, etc.

I always met the new school year with both excitement and nervousness, and a little sadness to say goodbye to the lazy days of summer. You never know what you’re going to get.  At the end of last year, I was approached and asked if I wanted to take on a group of students who were historically unsuccessful  in school.  Kids with discipline problems, or learning difficulties.  They asked me knowing that I had been working with special ed kids for the last 3 years and hoping I would be able to help this group.  Unfortunately I couldn’t give them a definitive answer, but had to lean towards no because I was hoping to stay home with Tbird.  My prep for that task would’ve been more intense because of slightly different goals and approaches for those students. 

This year could not be more different than the previous years!  I’m not even positive when school starts back this year.  There are no trips to office supply stores or teacher stores.  No random lists of lessons, ideas, activities.  No plans for classroom management.  Instead I’m singing and dancing around my living room like a crazy person (ok that would be happening anyway, but this time there’s someone who appreciates it).

Just because I’m not in the classroom this year doesn’t mean I’ve stopped teaching.  In fact, I’m probably teaching more than ever, as Tbird seems to be going and learning nonstop.  I’m hoping to peruse the ideas at Play at home mom for inspiration.

This is just one of the many big changes coming for me I’m sure, but it’s a very pronounced one.  I’m still not sure how my days will be filled, but I’ll figure it out.  Maybe I’ll even take up cooking.


About thealanna

I'm a breatfeeding, babywearing, cosleeping, stay at home mom. I recently moved from working full time stay at home. This blog will mostly be random posts about my big changes- the baby, my new experiences at home; and my baby steps to remain who I am while I also learn and grow into a new person, mother, wife. I don't really expect anyone will read this besides me, so it will mostly just be ramboling, if I ever update.
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