The sleepless wonder

I have a cute baby.  The cutest 9 month old ever.  She didn’t want to sleep today.  That make this mommy quite crazy. 

After 2 hours of frustration last night she finally passed out, then woke up in the middle of the night screaming.  I had no idea why, until today. 

I let her eat a puff at a breastfeeding meeting last night.  I didn’t read the ingredients.  Never again.  It had whey (derived from milk).  Her tummy hurt.  I feel awful. 

Luckily she went back to sleep very quickly.  Woke up happy in the morning and the day seemed to be going well.

Until nap time.

I don’t know how long I tried to get her to sleep, but it was pointless.  She fell asleep once, then woke up and wanted to eat when I put her down.  I nursed her, but then she wanted to play.  Later she fell asleep again, but then someone knocked on the door. 

Why!!! Why do people do that?

She didn’t go back to sleep again.  I tried.  Oh yes, I tried.  Walking, rocking, bouncing.  In the boba, in my arms, not in the crib as she’s scared of it.  We even sat outside on the hammock in the 5000 degree heat.  We just snuggled.  After many hours and some tears (Tbird cried too), I gave up trying.

She has powers to resist sleep that college students would pay money for at exam time.

By bedtime she was very sleepy.  It took all of 5 minutes of rocking to put her to sleep.  She’s passed out on top of me right now.  I’m not moving her.  Please let her stay asleep, dear God, let her stay asleep.


About thealanna

I'm a breatfeeding, babywearing, cosleeping, stay at home mom. I recently moved from working full time stay at home. This blog will mostly be random posts about my big changes- the baby, my new experiences at home; and my baby steps to remain who I am while I also learn and grow into a new person, mother, wife. I don't really expect anyone will read this besides me, so it will mostly just be ramboling, if I ever update.
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2 Responses to The sleepless wonder

  1. Naya says:

    Poor T-Bird and POOR MAMA!! Hope you both get a good night’s sleep and feel better in the morning!

    • thealanna says:

      Thankfully she slept from 8 pm-9am, only waking a few times to eat. She’s napping now, yay. And Brian comes home tonight so I’m not on my own if she does it again!

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