You! Review

Some of my favorite nursing bras are from a company called You! Lingerie.  I first heard about them from a friend, and have since told just about every pregnant or breastfeeding momma I know.  I just won a free one during World Breastfeeding Week, so I thought I would tell the blog world about how great they are.  So why do I love them so much?  They’re comfortable, functional, and cute. 

The bras come is a wide range of sizes- band sizes 32-40, and cups from B-F.  This is great if, like me, you can’t shop at Target for bras and don’t want to spend a fortune on them either.  

They’re also very reasonably priced.  Ranging from $29.99- $34.99.  They won’t break the bank.  I bought one bra at Nordstrom and it was ridiculous.

And they’re functional but cute!  There’s no underwire, which can be important for lactating mamas as it can contribute to plugged ducts if it doesn’t fit well.  They have cotton linings, and are all lightly shaped.  4 hooks so they’re quite adjustable.  And cute details like lace, bows, and hot pink lining just make you feel pretty.

But you could learn all of that from the site.  So what do I really think about them after wearing them for the last few months:

I was a little skeptical about how supportive they would be without underwire, but they work just as well.  I love all the little details, just because I’m lactating doesn’t mean I shouldn’t get to feel special.  And since I’ve had several of them for a while they seem to be holding up well. 

As much as I love them, they’re not perfect. I do have to readjust the length of the shoulder straps more often than on other bras as they seem to slip.  Also, because they’re lightly shaped they can be a bit difficult to get and keep out of the way when a baby is frantically hungry.  I just have to make sure I’ve flipped the whole cup down so it doesn’t pop back up.  

Oh and each order comes with a handwritten thank you!  How sweet is that. 

The owner of this business really appreciates her customers and “gets” them.  If you “like” the Facebook page you’ll see that she frequently posts breastfeeding articles and questions.

So check them out if you or someone you know is a nursing momma.  You won’t be disappointed.

(I was not compensated in any way for this review, I just love the product.)


About thealanna

I'm a breatfeeding, babywearing, cosleeping, stay at home mom. I recently moved from working full time stay at home. This blog will mostly be random posts about my big changes- the baby, my new experiences at home; and my baby steps to remain who I am while I also learn and grow into a new person, mother, wife. I don't really expect anyone will read this besides me, so it will mostly just be ramboling, if I ever update.
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3 Responses to You! Review

  1. Tava Gatrelle says:

    I just happened to your site and love it. Keep up the good work. Also, love the review! I will look to purchase some of You! Lingerie’s sexy nursing bras

  2. Ashley R says:

    So glad you loved them as much as I did! The owner is such a sweetheart! It’s finally nice to see that someone out there “gets” what its like to be a breastfeeding mother!

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