I’ve come to realize that I have some sort of problem committing to hanging things on the wall.  I think about it and talk about it, but then never follow through.   I have tons of photos.  Photos that I love and want to display.  So I’ve decided to bite the bullet and hang some photos.  But I can’t decide how to arrange them.  I had a vision in my head but now I’m second guessing it.  So, tell me what I should do.

1.  All oriented the same way- either portrait or landscape





2.  Portrait on top, landscape on the bottom





3.  The other way around





4.  Alternating, which I hadn’t even thought of until I started to move the papers around.  Personally I like this one the best, but I’m sure Brian won’t.




Sorry if the formatting is weird, I’m still working on figuring this stuff out. 
Obviously when I hand the actual frames they will be straight and even and not all wonky, but this was done with a child strapped to me chest.  There will also be smaller frames in between the 8-10’s.  I really wanted a big bold square of photos that would greet someone when they enter my house.  This wall is straight across from the door.


About thealanna

I'm a breatfeeding, babywearing, cosleeping, stay at home mom. I recently moved from working full time stay at home. This blog will mostly be random posts about my big changes- the baby, my new experiences at home; and my baby steps to remain who I am while I also learn and grow into a new person, mother, wife. I don't really expect anyone will read this besides me, so it will mostly just be ramboling, if I ever update.
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